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Using Food Waste for Electricity

Have you ever thought about what grocery stores do with all the produce and other food that goes bad??  There are several options, compost and use as fertilizer, feed to stray animals, give to homeless people, or landfill… and which do you think happens most of the time? Yup, you guessed it, the old lined land fill!  Well this store in Staffordshire (the city of origin for my beloved dog Bambo), UK, sends their food waste to an anaerobic digester to produce electricity to power the store!! Sure beats the landfill!!!
“It took two years of planning for this project to come to fruition. It may not be practical for other big retailers or businesses to copy, but it is eye-catching. Sainsbury’s has closed the loop on food recycling in a way that’s never been done before.According to Wrap, the Government funded body that promotes recycling and sustainable business, the Cannock anaerobic digestion plant is part of a quiet revolution now underway in the UK.

“There are now 60 AD plants recycling food waste, which can process up to 2.5 million tonnes of food waste per year and generate enough renewable electricity to power a city three times the size of Cannock,” said Richard Swannell, a Wrap director.

“So when you recycle your food waste at home, at school or at work, it is being put to great use delivering a more sustainable future for us all.”