Everyone makes an impact.  Inspector Planet connects citizens and students with scientists and engineers, on a mission of extending humanity’s time on earth through innovation, experimentation, and discovery.  


Dr. Tracy Fanara works to extend humanity’s existence on Earth through innovate collaborative solutions to world health threats all while building a sustainable future for generations to come. Tracy aims to make science a part of every citizen’s toolset. She hopes to inspire positive change and growth through education while having fun making the world a better place. She is a University of Florida graduate with a BS, ME, and PhD in Environmental Engineering (Go Gators), focusing on sustainable design, water treatment and science communication.

Tracy inspires all ages through her love for science and drive to break stereotypes, overcome obstacles, and pursue passion with hard work.  An engineer, scientist, graduate school professor, storm chaser, and TV personality (featured on Science and Discovery Channel television series, Mythbusters: The Search), she embraces opportunities that ask her to step outside of her comfort zone and encourages others to do the same. With a diverse background and holistic approach, Tracy created Inspector Planet to make science fun and accessible to everyone.


Dr. Tracy Fanara
Scientists are closely monitoring the mountain slope above Barry Glacier in Barry Arm, 60 miles east of Anchorage, Alaska. They warn the slope is shifting and could collapse within a year. That could cause a devastating tsunami to strike Prince William Sound. https://t.co/lTXC1IE4GY
Dr. Tracy Fanara
#COVID19 is still present (and rising in number). Here’s a reminder to properly WASH YOUR HANDS!! https://t.co/bx4GbUsQhB #coronavirus #CDC #handwashing #health #inspectorPlanet
Dr. Tracy Fanara
Dr. Tracy Fanara

A new study documents the decline of intertidal species of shellfish, owing at least in part to climate change.

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Dr. Tracy Fanara
Dr. Tracy Fanara

Study: The fossilized remains of ancient deep-sea corals may act as time machines providing new insights into the effect the ocean has on rising CO2 levels.

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