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Don’t drink bottled water, you may get E.coli, while some kid’s urine causes a public water facility to dump all storage, oh, and Cleveland rocks!

More reasons to ditch the plastic!

Inspector Planet, Earth's Superhero


So are we really surprised to hear issues with bottled water?  Well, we should be shocked the E.coli contamination in Pennsylvania was actually found before people got sick!  Due to lack of regulation on bottled water, many “less than perfect” batches are sold to millions every day.  Of course the company is saying that the lab that tested the water made an error while testing.  Just to clarify, E.coli bacteria lives in human and animal waste, and is fatal to babies, and the elderly.  Labs are pretty much guarenteed to be E.coli free.  Meanwhile in public municipality world, the city of Portland dumped 38 million gallons of treated drinking water because some dumb high school kid thought it would be funny to pee in it.  Many think this was wasteful, but if it didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be able to use it as an example.  Do you think a bottled water company, who doesn’t…

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I’ve got 500 Billion Problems, But A Brita Isn’t One

Let’s limit our use of plastic, and do what we can to prevent adverstiy to our health and wildlife health, caused by plastic

Inspector Planet, Earth's Superhero

By now, you know my stance on bottled water, and how ridiculous I believe the concept is.  I have never thought twice about taking a plastic bag from a grocery store, however, I refuse to throw them away; so I let them build up in my cupboard, in hopes for re-use, and then when they are coming out of the doors, I finally recycle them.  I was encouraged to  watch the documentary called “Bag it” cleverly named to make connections with the plastic bag, and the slang meaning. I have studied environmental engineering for over a decade and I was shocked by the statistics stated in this film and my follow-up research.

We go through 500 Billion single-use plastic bags a year, the US alone goes through 5 million bottled water products every 5 minutes, and the US spends 12 Billion dollars on bottled water per year! Can you imagine how much money…

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Trevor’s Eco-Education Foundation Kickstarter


I became involved with the Trevor’s Eco-Education Foundation about 6 months ago.  I have honestly never met such passionate people.  The vision is to create a middle-school age series of books, about a boy named Trevor and the obstacles he has to face to save our world from environmental catastrophe…kind of like a fictional, male, younger, version of me.  Public outreach and education is the most effective way to make a difference and this organization does exactly that.  This campaign needs help.  The goal is 27K and if it is not reached in 15 days, none of the money raised goes towards this cause.  Please give what you can and spread the word!

California One Step Closer to Plastic Bag Ban!

The Assembly Appropriations Committee voted YES to phase out single use plastic bags in Sacramento on Thursday, despite heavy industry opposition.  The bill heading the movement, SB 270, is being promoted by California Senator Alex Padilla (D), and schedules the ban into effect July 1, 2015 for retail stores, and a year later for gas stations and liquor stores.  In addition to banning use of plastic bags, a $0.10 fee will be imposed on paper bags.  So not only is this guy enraging the chemists and plastics industry (who have sued small cities that attempted to independently pass this ban), now, he’s sending the American Forest and Paper Association into a frenzy.  I just have to give a big congrats Mr. Padilla, I can imagine that it’s not easy for someone in an elected position to piss off that many rich people; it seems like he does what he feels is best for the people, not for his campaign.  He would surely be taken out by Kevin Spacey ( it’s a House of Cards reference…fyi, awesome show). 

Now you may ask where the money goes for the $0.10 ban?  Well no where too exciting, the stores get to keep it.  However, this tactic to reduce waste has been proven in Ireland- bag use was reduced by 90% when a similar fee was administered for bags. 

So we Americans are pretty impulsive people, we like to see benefit of a change immediately, or we give up(which is most likely why our obesity rate is so high).  So lets focus on some benefits: 1) We can now be more aesthetically pleasing while walking from stores and around town… you cannot deny the plastic bag is ugly; 2) We can now express ourselves through an extra accessory (you know those bags will get cooler and become trendy); 3) Men have an excuse to carry a bag with stuff in it (finally I will have room in my purse for MY stuff when out with my husband); 4) They are less likely to break and lessen the likelihood of egg and milk explosions; 5) Lastly, you will no longer have that wad of plastic bags taking over your cupboard space.  Convinced yet?  If not, just do a Google search of ocean plastic, look at the images of animals trapped in plastic, and  that should do it!

plastic bagsThe Reusable Grocery Bag

Read my post on plastics if you want statistics and details about environmental and health impacts of plastic, but to summarize, all plastic is made from oil (and a shocking amount), chemicals released during production and chemicals leached from plastic are bad for the environment and the health of all living species, and almost all single-use plastic ends up in a landfill or in the ocean, where it does not biodegrade.  The next step is following San Francisco’s lead in banning plastic water bottles; the US spends 16 Billion (with a “B”) dollars on bottled water a year while we have the cleanest municipal water in the world… and if you want to see all the reasons tap water is better than bottled, read my post  and see my upcoming short film on that one too.